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25.02.2018 - Daughter of our sweet guy Magik Rainbow Verino Roberto Gold -
U KNOW HOW U KNOW WHY Vitoraz - mw - on her very first show today - BEST IN SHOW 1 !!!
Czech dachshund speciality show 2018 Holysov, 230 dachsies entered!
In10 month old girl!
I'm very proud! Congratulations her breeder and owners Jan and Karel!

18.02.2018 - NDS in Bratislava, Slovakia - "WINNER OF SLOVAKIA-2018"
Judge: Anka Cwieceková
Magik Rainbow Antonio Banderas MW - exc.1 CAC, WINNER OF SLOVAKIA, BOB and Best Of Group-2 !!!
Congratulations to his owner!


17-18.02.2018 - 2xIDS in Celje
Magik Rainbow Lara Croft MS:
2xCAC, 1xres.CACIB, 1x CACIB, 1x Best Female, 1x BOS, and Winter Winner !!!
Congratulations to owner!


14.02.2018 - Super news from Japan Dachshund BUKAI:

Victoria Ivanova!


I'm very proud!
Congratulations to his owner!


14.02.2018 - TSKK's awards, year 2017:
SHOW DOG OF THE YEAR 2017 - 1 and 2
- Magik Rainbow ZZ Top and Magik Rainbow Radomir!
PUPPY OF THE YEAR Magik Rainbow Ferrari!
JUNIOR OF THE YEAR 2 Magik Rainbow Ferrari (same points as the winner)!
Congratulations to owners Jaana and Hannu!


3.02.2018 - IDS in Brno, Czech
Judge - Jan Coufal
Magik Rainbow Corsair KW - CAC, CACIB!
Congrats to his owner Leena!


2.02.2018 - Inernational Champion C.I.E. Magik Rainbow Rose MS!!!

Congratulations to her owner Marita!


1.02.2018 - TOP DACHSHUND in Ireland:
Two years in a row!
Congratulations to her owner Karen!

28.01.2018 - Winner of rating TOP DACHSHUND SZRO-2017:
Magik Rainbow Verino Roberto Gold MW !!!
I'm very pruod and happy!!!


26.01.2018 - National Dachshund Show of Lithuania in Kaunas
Judge - Jan Bušta
Magik Rainbow Verino Roberto Gold MW - Winner Club, BOB and BISS-1!
Magik Rainbow Tesoro - Best Puppy Breed and BISSP-1!
Magik Rainbow First Love - CAC, Winner Club and BOS!
Magik Rainbow Konstance - CAC
Many thanks for the pictures Anastasiya Larionova


28.01.2018 - IDS in Kaunas, Lithuania
Judge in ring & BOG - Paolo Lovaglio
Judge in BIS - Revaz Khomasuridze
Magik Rainbow Verino Roberto Gold MW - CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG-1 & BEST IN SHOW-4!!!
Magik Rainbow Konstance MS - CAC, CACIB & BOS!
Magik Rainbow First Love MS - CAC!

27.01.2018 - IDS in Kaunas, Lithuania
Judge in ring & BOG - Inna Begma
Magik Rainbow Verino Roberto Gold MW - CAC, CACIB, BOB & res.BOG!


25.01.2018 - TOP DACHSHUND Lithuania
Magik Rainbow Lionel Marselio Kompanija!!!
Three years in a row!
Congratulations to his owner Slaiva!


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